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Services for your success in Czech Republic
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Services for your success in Czech Republic
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Healthcare coverage in the Czech Republic

Here you can find general information about the healthcare coverage in the Czech Republic.

In cooperation with our partner who is a well-known Czech tax consultant we offer individual consulting considering health care coverage and all related questions (especially consulting in terms of compulsory registration and tax liability of businesses and business men in the Czech Republic as well as statements, analyses and representation in front of the responsible health insurance funds).

Detailed information on this topic can be found here.

1. General information about healthcare coverage:

  • The public healthcare coverage is mandatory (compulsory insurance). This insurance is binding for:
  • Everybody who has a permanent residency in the Czech Republic
  • Employees which work for a company that has its registered office in the Czech Republic


  • If you are an EU citizen, the general regulations of the public healthcare coverage in the EU apply for you. (each person can only be insured in one single member state of the EU)
  • Each insured person has the right to choose their health insurance (there are 11 health insurances in the Czech Republic, the largest one is the General Health Insurance of the Czech Republic (VZP) – www.vzp.cz)

2. Dutiable persons

  • Employers
  • Employees
  • Self-employed persons (freelancers)

3. Contribution assessment base

  • Employees – gross wage
  • Self-employed persons – the contribution assessment base is 50% of the income after deduction of the expenses which led to it.

4. Contribution rate

The rate of 13,5% (of the contribution assessment base) applies for every insured person. The insurance premiums are paid by the employer. In this case the employer pays two thirds, while one third is deducted from the salary of the employee (9% is paid by the employer and 4,5% is paid by the employee).

Publication date Last updated date: 31.10.2019